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Seed Center Call for Instructors

Seeds Center
Job Description
Seeds Center, a multi-experience, multi+inter-generational learning hub in Edgewater, is
seeking passionate, dependable, and student oriented instructors for the specialties of the
healing arts, beauty-oriented arts, and musical arts and in any combination of these
specialties too.
Emphasis is put on commitment to the mission of the organization and having a passion for
what we do as well as providing great experiences for the community and individual public.
Payment for services is on a pay for book basis including being booked for our “stepping
stone” programs. All non-instructional services are of voluntary basis. Each instructor
determines their own schedule and has full reign on developing their classes. Feedback,
brainstorming, educational advice, and all other means of administrative and similar support is
included at no cost for the development, listing, scheduling, and much, much more of your
To learn more about what we do and get a feel for the organization, visit