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Barista Needed

The Coffee Studio
Job Description

We're Hiring!

We are currently seeking a friendly, smart, hard-working, experience barista to join our team.

Applicants should have a flexible schedule and be available to work at least 3-5 shifts a week (including weekends), 20-35+ hrs/week. Supervisor/management experience is a big plus... we are looking for leaders!

Though we are absolutely looking for coffee/barista experience, we also very much believe in ongoing training and will definitely be reviewing/teaching to The Coffee Studio's standards of espresso preparation and coffee knowledge, so although you do have to have some coffee shop experience, you don't have to be a zen barista master... yet. You just have to love coffee and be open and willing to learn. We are always looking for applicants that show strong leadership and responsibility with the potential to become Shift Managers (Supervisors).

Maybe we would be perfect together...

The position we are currently hiring for is not for everyone though, so together maybe we can try to save some time and effort on everyone's part:

  • If you do not have coffee shop experience, please do not apply for this current position.

  • If you cannot work evenings and weekends, please do not apply.

  • If you do not truly like coffee (or you only like it underneath a lot of added flavors/ syrups), you probably shouldn't apply.

  • And if you are not a genuinely cheerful, optimistic, outwardly friendly person... please skip this ad and try to find a position more likely to be a better fit for you.

We only say this because we want you to be happy where you work and we want to be happy working with you!

Seriously, our application is pretty thorough and takes some real time and thought to fill it out well... we don't want to waste your time!!!

And we get a lot of applications; it takes us a long time to read, sort and reply to all of them... we don't want to waste our time, so please read the above paragraph again and be thorough and honest. If you still think that you might like to work with us and that you would be a good fit for what we are currently looking for, then we would love to find out more about you. 

We hope this is the start of a beautiful relationship!

How to apply

Please drop off a completed application at the counter of The Coffee Studio (5628 N Clark St). during business hours (6:30am-7pm). Application:

Technical Note:

We recommend either printing out the blank application and filling it out by hand, or typing it in and then printing it out immediately. Due to unpredictable Adobe updates, there is a good chance (depending on your browser/OS/version of Reader) that you may not be able to save a copy of your completed application to your computer in Adobe Reader (other than using "Print to PDF" as an alternate way to save a non-editable copy). We don't want you to lose your work.  Also, if you have any trouble downloading the file at all, you can always try "right-clicking" > "Save link as..."

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