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Human Citizen Workplace

Human Citizen Workplace



About Us

Human Citizen Workplace is a convenient, local coworking and collaborative workspace for business professionals and students to be productive, get work done and connect with other great humans!
We are a workspace for creating capable and positive people who change their own lives, their family and community and use their talented position in the family, at work, and in the community to further humankind.


Our Open Floor Plan
More Open Floor Pan
Community Members Working
Dedicated Desk Members
Events Large (20-50) and Small (0-20)
Neighborhood Events
Kitchen with Counter and Food Prep and Heating
Our Lunge for Work and Relaxation
Two Small Conference Rooms (3-4)
Larger Conference Room (6-8)
Our Superhuman Telephone Booth (like a Mini Office)
Our Logo
We Have Lockers
More Events
Tony Mendiola (Founder and Owner/Operator)