We're Hiring

Posted: 04/11/2023

Our team is #hiring for a Farmer's Market/Event Representative!

Perfect for those who love sales and would enjoy being the face/voice of WasteNot at our various farmers markets & pop-up events. If you know anyone who may be interested, please reach out.


WasteNot Compost, with its fully electric zero-emission fleet, aims to make composting as clean, convenient, and compromise-free as possible throughout Chicagoland. As a Farmer’s Market Representative, you will be part of the most visible wing of WasteNot Compost. Farmers markets are public venues where you will be the primary touchpoint for everyone in the community to interact with WasteNot. This involves talking about composting, education about sustainable and zero-emission products, and ultimately focuses on leading a more sustainable lifestyle. You will be expected to represent the company in a way that is aligned with its goals, values, and mission. You will build community through social interactions, big and small, and be persuasive and effective at converting people into WasteNot members, along with making sales of other various products. The successful execution of this role is essential for WasteNot’s growth, and our dream of a zero-waste Chicago.



  • Previous sales, customer service, or acting experience
  • Previous farmers market experience a plus
  • Able to successfully engage with all people.
  • Great at reading body language and social cues.
  • Able to successfully navigate a broad range of topics and dynamic .conversations; with the ability to pivot away from potentially negative or “off-brand” situations and direct the conversations towards WasteNot goals and values – without coming off as pushy or condescending
  • Genuine interest in people & enjoys conversating
  • Genuine connection to composting and/or sustainability and a green future
  • Motivated and driven
  • Able to drive a large WasteNot van when required (must have a valid License)
  • Able to lift cumbersome and weighty objects (like a tent) and successfully set them up independently
  • Independent, self-driven, adaptable
  • Enjoy working outdoors & comfortable working in all weather conditions
  • Available Wednesday-Sunday from May-October



  • Packing all required materials for market setup
  • Driving (various sized vehicles) to and from markets
  • Setting up and taking down market setup
  • Tracking all market materials and equipment, keeping them organized and in good condition, keep an inventory of materials running low, and communicating when items are in need of repair or replacement
  • Keeping market setup items clean
  • Engaging with any and all Chicagoans in a genuine and human manner, and in a way that is aligned with WasteNot culture and expectations
  • Represent the company in a professional, personable, and respectful manner
  • Educate potential customers about WasteNot member benefits and values
  • Sell products and services
  • Operate point of sale system
  • Successfully sign people up for service
  • Engage current members in a way that adds value to their lives and translates into retention
  • Engage potential members (and all other humans) in a way that builds trust and respect with our community and encourages all people to live their best lives and engage with sustainability and greener living to the extent their personal worldview and values allow



  • Competitive Pay (lead positions start at $17/hour, support positions start at $16/hour) with structured commission opportunities.
  • Health Insurance Available (for full-time positions – 30+ hours/week)
  • Included compost collection service for your home
  • Be a part of an energized, growing, dynamic team of people that includes artists, actors, musicians, comedians, technologists, sustainability warriors, EV enthusiasts, coffee nuts, and more
  • Join a sustainable business that goes out of its way to make choices in service of the planet
  • Satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference in the fight against climate change
  • Decked out with WasteNot Compost apparel, outfitted seasonally