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Ellytronic Media LLC


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About Us

Ellytronic was born and raised in the vibrant and diverse Chicago neighborhood of Edgewater, and we pride ourselves on meeting the unique needs of our community and beyond. Today, we maintain a presence in both Chicago and in Central Pennsylvania, with clients from coast to coast. We understand firsthand that local organizations may have far-reaching aspirations, and we’re committed to developing web applications composed with modern development standards and community-driven protocols, for organizations of any size. We stand by the quality and longevity of our work and we work hard to ensure you can do the same.

We are driven by the belief that success depends on strong partnerships. To that end, we measure ourselves by our track record of establishing long-lasting collaborations with our clients. We specialize in two primary lines of service. First, we offer technical consulting services to help our clients identify the best web solutions for the short, middle, and long term. This includes developing strategies for how to bring those solutions to life and choosing the right team for the job. Second, we specialize in creating web applications using modern development workflows. We put to work our decades of experience developing web applications, APIs, plugins, and websites in order to bring you solutions customized to fit the unique needs of your system and organization.

Our expertise lies in our experience building web applications; our goal is to leverage that expertise so that you can best showcase yours.