Gentle Friends Insurance Agency Inc.



About Us

Early on I knew I wanted my own business. My grandparents were entrepreneurs. Even my mother opened her own gift shop in the early 80s, in Andersonville, featuring local artists. One could say, we’ve always been a family business. I grew up helping and watching my mother in her gift shop, working hard, caring for people and being involved in the neighborhood. She believed in the community and taught me to do the same. She named her gift shop, Gentle Friends. The gift store has since closed, but the building still stands today.

In 2004, I opened my own independent insurance business at the same location as my mother’s gift shop, in Andersonville. Founded with the same values and commitment to the local community as hers and naming it the same, in honor of her.

Some things have changed, since the day I opened Gentle Friends Insurance. We’ve moved around the corner and I now run the business with my family. But the one thing that hasn’t changed – is the name and meaning behind it – caring about those that walk in the door. The original sign from my mother’s store hangs in our office today.

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