Honey Bridal

About Us

Dana Karlov and Hallie Borden are sisters. They are complete opposites and also exactly the same. Hallie and Dana opened Honey together in 2016.

After a decade of experience in the luxury bridal market as the founder and owner of Bagable Gifts, Dana Karlov expanded her expertise into the bridal dress market. Passionate about fashion and customer experience, Dana found a natural fit in Honey, where sartorial looks and personalized service reign supreme.

Hallie Borden is the owner of the locally sourced, handmade clothing store, Milk Handmade, Milk opened in 2012, and celebrated its 5-year anniversary just as Honey opened its doors. The shops are next door to each other, and regulars of Milk will recognize its relaxed vibe and elevated style while shopping at Honey.

In Honey, the sisters have created a space that embodies the spirit of its Andersonville neighborhood — relaxed, inclusive, and a little bit irreverent. Honey stocks handcrafted dresses from independent designers, and specializes in styles for the modern bride who knows who she is.

Honey’s designers practice slow fashion and support ethical and sustainable manufacturing. All gowns at Honey are handmade in designer ateliers, not sweatshops.

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