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?For over one hundred years, North Shore Baptist Church has welcomed in the name of Christ neighbors who have come to Chicago from all over the world. The result is a multicultural community that worships in four languages and is committed to our city and its needs. We are freedom-loving Baptists who respect and nurture each individual's unique journey toward God. Whether you have come to Chicago from the Philippines, Texas, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Milwaukee, Germany, Japan, Burma or have lived here all your are warmly invited to grow in Christ and serve God with us.

?We're probably not what you think of when you hear ''Baptist Church.'' We don't tell you what you must believe, or offer simple answers to life's tough questions. Instead, we are deeply rooted in the good news of God's love shown in Jesus Christ, and find in that foundation the strength and guidance we need to live in today's world. For generations the people of North Shore have wrestled with the challenging issues of the day and responded in faithful, progressive, and even surprising ways. As a result, North Shore Baptist Church is...