Prevent Chronic Pain - Therapeutic Massage

Prevent Chronic Pain - Therapeutic Massage


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A new ache becomes a nagging ache or a chronic pain and we worry that it will get in the way of our responsibilities, and our fun. We wonder what we're doing wrong and what we should change. Truth is, we're probably not doing anything wrong.

New aches are often related to our normal daily activities like working at our desks or doing physical labor, carrying our children, driving in traffic, using our cell phones and even sleeping. There's only so much we can do to change those. Ergonomic changes are helpful. But any posture that's held or activity that's repeated regularly can affect range of motion. Limited range of motion from postural habits, injuries, or surgeries makes work, chores, sports, walking, and even yoga more challenging.

Massage therapy can reduce symptoms, improve daily activity, and help prevent aches, pains and stress from becoming chronic.

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