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I offer individual, couples counseling and career counseling for people of all ages. As a professional businessman and now a psychotherapist, I bring life experience to therapy that gives me practical and insightful perspective on the challenges people face at home, the workplace and in their relationships. I enjoy working with couples and have extended training in the Gottman Therapy method. Couples issues can rack relationships especially those struggling fidelity and trauma issues. I am keenly aware of each of these and have worked with these tough issues as a therapist and husband.
I've worked with men for over 25 years in individual and group settings - journeying with them to deepen self-awareness, develop authenticity, intention and purpose. In doing so men, become better partners and thrive at work. For those with cravings they want to stop or calm down, I offer hypnotherapy that has proven to be very effective.
Deep seated trauma from violence, childhood abuse,or sexual abuse can be devastating and often stays with you your entire life. Having a therapist who understands how wrenching, destructive and painful this can be helps you understand what happened, process your erroneous beliefs about yourself and others, find peace and move on in life the way you want.

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