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Welcome to WHP Studios! We are a team of personal trainers in private studios, with over 25 years of collective experience in strength training, movement coaching, and sports instruction. We believe everyone can benefit from consistent exercise and resistance training and promote a body-positive, weight-neutral approach without using scales or weight loss as indicators of progress.

Our trainers offer personalized 1:1 private studio and virtual training sessions to help you incorporate regular exercise into your life. Whether your goal is to build strength, improve posture, address pain, enhance athletic ability, or improve overall well-being, our trainers provide tailored guidance through training sessions and customized plans for clients ages 8 and up.

At WHP Studios, we strive to create a personalized, supportive, and compassionate environment to help you establish a consistent exercise routine and support your health and fitness goals. Our long-time clients have consistently trained with us 2 to 3 times per week for over 8 years, showcasing their unwavering dedication and trust in our program.


5547 N Ravenswood
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